Monday, July 27, 2009

Fun at CVS

Well, here it is. My first blog post ever. And, just to be fun, I have to write my first post on the phenomenal money-saving shopping trip at CVS yesterday. Just take a look at the picture to see what I got (and there are even things missing. My husband & kids couldn't resist the box of Raisinets, three other candy bars and gum, so they are missing from this picture). And for how much, you ask? A whopping $17.14! Plus, I have $18.81 in extra bucks to use on my next trip.

Here's the list of all that I got:

-- 4 Arm & Hammer laundry detergent (32ld)
-- Schick razor for women
-- Schick razor for men
-- Herbal Essence shampoo + styler
-- Herbal Essence conditioner + styler
-- 2 Colgate Advanced toothpaste
-- 2 Palmolive dishwashing liquid
-- Charmin Ultra Strong (9pk)
-- CVS Tampons (10pk)
-- 2 composition notebooks
-- 1 pkg erasers
-- 1 pkg binder clips
-- 4 pkgs pens
-- 1 spiral notebook (my 9yo was with me and pleaded for this blue, sparkly notebook ;-)
-- 1 box Raisinets
-- 1 box Sno-Caps
-- 6 candy bars
-- 2 Dentyne gum
-- 4 Mentos gum
-- 2 pkgs Q-Tips

All in all, a great shopping day at CVS! I am so grateful to for sharing her know-how. Her website has been a great teacher to me. I have much to learn yet (sticking to a budget would be the big one!), but I am taking it one day (or one shopping trip!) at a time.


  1. Way to go Anne!!! I'm not brave enough to try CVSing. or I should say, I'm not organized enough to.

    Maybe someday,
    Kari B

  2. Well, well - what should I say first - for a "beginner" at blogging - you certainly outdid yourself by getting all the "extras" added right away - and your title and background so pretty - hmmm...I JUST added a followers things to mine yesterday. I'm impressed.

    The other thing - are you the one who stole all the freebies from my CVS store??? I went there today and I could only get the 2pk pens - everything else was gone. Last year they barely had any sales so I was surprised they were running so many - it's just that there stock is so low from the get-go -unlike Walgreens that makes a whole seasonal section out of school supplies. I got lots of freebies and school supplies for cheap there - using the flier each week. I'm so stocked up I shouldn't even be looking this year - but I just can't pass up school supplies when they are free or 10 cents or .39 or .99. I may not like to shop for clothes or shoes or even purses, but I do like shopping for school and office supplies!!!! I really need to stock up on posterboard and it's only .39/sheet this week with the coupon in the flier so I should go back - just went today. I had enough gift cards to pay for the whole thing.

    Then went to CVS and paid .33 cents for my 3 items and got $6 in ECB's :))))) YEAH!